Writtle CARDS

  Writtle Community Amateur Repertory Dramatic Society

Behind the Scenes

The unsung heroes of Amateur Dramatics... without whom productions would be reduced to a bunch of naked actors prancing about on a silent, dark, empty stage, with no audience, no direction and no help should they forget their lines... the essential, talented (and modest) Backstage Crew!

There are numerous jobs that make up the Backstage Crew for every production, and they are all essential for ensuring that it runs smoothly, looks attractive and appropriate, and that people come to see it!

The list below gives you an idea of what jobs are required..

We are always after new people to take on these roles in our productions, both current members to stretch themselves, and new members to get involved.

Current members can Login and click the Job Packs link in the Members Only section to read about the what is involved with each of the Backstage Jobs.

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 Stage Manager






 Front of House Manager

 Auditorium Designer

 Box Office

 Poster Design