Writtle CARDS

  Writtle Community Amateur Repertory Dramatic Society

Comic Potential






Alan Ayckbourn


Production Dates

3rd, 4th, 5th March 2011


Directed by

Sarah Wilson


Produced by

Nick Caton


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 Jacie Triplethree (JCF 31 333)
 Elaine Reynolds
 Adam Trainsmith
 Ben Fraser
 Chandler (Chance) Tate
 Neil Smith
 Carla Pepperbloom
 Liz Curley
 Prim Spring
 Sharon Goodwin
 Trudi Floote / Woman in Dress Shop
 Clare Williams
 Lester Trainsmith / Hotel Reception / Waiter
 Daniel Curley
 Michele Moody
 Man in Dress Shop / Turkey / Actoid
 Andy Millward
 Prostitute / Actoid
 Jean Speller

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Critical Feedback

Award Nominations

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 Best Actor
Daniel Curley (Dr Montague, The Haunting of Hill House & Lester Trainsmith, Comic Potential)