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  Writtle Community Amateur Repertory Dramatic Society





Tim Kelly, based on the novel by Mary Shelley


Production Dates

25th, 26th, 27th October 2012


Directed By

Michele Moody


Produced By

Laura Bennett

Perhaps the truest adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel, this play opens on Victor, a young scientist, and Elizabeth's wedding night. Previously Victor has created a 'Creature' out of bits and pieces of the dead. The creature tracks Victor to his sanctuary to demand a bride to share its loneliness. Against his better judgement Victor agrees and soon the household is invaded by murder, despair and terror...


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 Dr Victor Frankenstein
 Nick Caton
 Henry Clerval
 Kenton Church
 The Creature
 Neil Smith
 Elizabeth Frankenstein
 Sarah Wilson
 Frau Frankenstein
 Liz Curley
 Inspector Ernst
 Daniel Curley
 Megan Hill
 Clare Williams

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Critical Feedback

Award Nominations

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Set Design / Construction / Dressing
On Golden Pond and Frankenstein
Technical Achievement
Best Supporting Actor
Neil Smith as The Creature
Best Supporting Actress
Liz Curley as Frau Frankenstein in Frankenstein and Ruth in Calendar Girls