Writtle CARDS

  Writtle Community Amateur Repertory Dramatic Society

On Golden Pond




Ernest Thompson


Production Dates

14th, 15th, 16th February 2013


Directed By

Nick Caton


Produced By

Liz Curley


Norman Thayer, a retired professor, and Ethel have had a summer cottage on Golden Pond since early in their marriage. This summer their daughter Chelsea - whom they haven't seen for years - feels she must be there for Norman's 80th birthday. She and her boyfriend are on their way to Europe but will be back in a couple of weeks to pick up the boyfriend's son. When she returns Chelsea is married and her stepson has the relationship with her father that she always wanted. Will father and daughter be able to communicate at last?


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Norman Thayer, Jnr.
 Boot Banes
Ethel Thayer
 Clare Williams
Chelsea Thayer Wayne
 Jodee Goodwin
Bill Ray
 Chris Ivermee
Billy Ray, Jnr.
 Toby Harris
Charlie Martin
 Chris Rogerson


Critical Feedback

Michael Gray's Arts Blog (Michael Gray)

National Operatic and Dramatic Association (Stewart Adkins)

North Essex Theatre Guild (Kate Sheffield & Liz Mullen)

Award Nominations

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Set Design / Construction / Dressing
On Golden Pond and Frankenstein
Best Actor
Boot Banes as Norman Thayer Jnr