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'Ring Round the Moon' by Jean Anouilh
26th, 27th, 28th June 2014.

Ring Round the Moon

Isabelle, a charming dancer from the Opéra's corps de ballet, has been invited to a ball at rich old Mme. Desmermortes's chateau by the wheelchair-bound crone's nephew, Hugo. A dashing but thoroughly amoral youth, Hugo wants Isabelle to break up what he considers the unsuitable engagement of the wealthy and headstrong Diana Messerschmann to his identical twin, Frederic. Identical at skin level only, Frederic is timid, decent, and capable of romantic passion - the exact opposite of Hugo, who senses that it is really for himself that Diana is pining.
Diana's billionaire father can buy everything, perhaps even his daughter's happiness, but between his weak stomach and his roving mistress Lady Dorothy India, his money cannot secure his own contentment. 
Isabelle arrives accompanied by her silly and pretentious mother and Romainville, a middle-aged roué and friend of Mme. Desmermortes. He must pass off Isabelle as his niece, though he really wants her for his mistress.
Mme D. likes to pull strings, and uses her pallid lady's companion, the spinster Capulat, as her factotum. Hugo, the other string-puller, relies on the services of the faithful retainer, Joshua. But finally, it is fate that proves even better at pulling strings...
Neil Smith
Madame Desmermortes
Liz Curley
Diana Messerschmann
Michele Moody
Laura Bradley
Daniel Curley
Lady Dorothy India
Louise Burtenshaw
Geoff Hadley
Boot Baines
Geraldine Capulet
Paulette Harris
Patrice Bombelles
Alex Houlton
Angie Gee
Jan irving
 Clare Williams, Shelley Goodwin

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