Writtle CARDS

  Writtle Community Amateur Repertory Dramatic Society


Frank Vickery



Production Dates

13th, 14th, 15th March 2014


Directed by

Liz Curley


Produced by



A Night Out
Seizing the opportunity, while her parents are out, Doreen decides to invite round Eric, her boyfriend. However, the evening is doomed to failure for all concerned: Doreen tries to calm Eric's passions while Mam and Dad overcome a ruined hair-do, the losing of all-important tickets and the car's flat battery only to find that they have the wrong night.

Split Ends
A very funny comedy, written with Frank Vickery's usual panache and style. Nancy and Cyril are to meet their son's girlfriend, Susan. Cyril, naturally bald, goes into hiding when his wig disappears, and reappears in disguise. But there are further problems when Susan loses a contact lens in the salad - Cyril is soon on his way to hospital wearing a dead kitten on his head.
A Night Out
Jodee Goodwin
A Night Out
Chris Rogerson
A Night Out
Sharon Goodwin
A Night Out
Nick Caton
Split Ends
 Daniel Curley
Split Ends
Paulette Harris
Split Ends
Louise Burtenshaw
Split Ends
Toby Harris